Huge Bingo Game Jackpots To Be Won!

Not only does Ultimate Bingo offer an exciting night out with friends and family, but it also gives you an opportunity to win big money. Ultimate Bingo has the area’s largest bingo jackpot prizes and a range of programs throughout the week at our convenient location. If you’re new to bingo, our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions and provide guidance as you get started.

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Early Bird
Jackpot: $2,000
Designated Number: 52

Super Jackpot
Jackpot: $2,500
Designated Number: 52

Jackpot: $4,125
Designated Number: 49

Jackpot: $4,000
Designated Number: 49

No Limit 8 Ball  (Must purchase No Limit Ticket or win on Paper Picks)
Main Jackpot: $37,221
Designated Number: 18

Regular Jackpot: $5,000 (No Ticket Needed)
Designated Number: 21

Monday 7pm Consolation: $5,000


No Limit 8-Ball

NEW Jackpot Balls

Big Money Balls

Main Jackpot: $3,750
Designated Number: 3

50% Jackpot: $0
Designated Number: 7

25% Jackpot: $0
Designated Number: 8

Money Ball Pull Tab (Includes Mini Balls)
Jackpot: $4,800

1-15 Pull Tab
Jackpot: $450

$1,000 Hot Balls
Balls in Play: 1

$500 Hot Balls
Balls in Play: 4

$500 Mini Hot Balls
Balls in Play: 1

Snowball Games

Ultimate Snowball

Jackpot: $2,000
Designated Number: 50

Sponsors Snowball

Jackpot: $5,000
Designated Number: 51

Final Jackpot (No-Limit Snowball)

Jackpot: $11,500
Designated Number: 50

Qualifier Games

Blue Ball

Red Ball

Yellow Ball

Letter ‘X’
Designated Number: 15

Half-time Mini Games

1 Line or 4 Corners

Jackpot: $1,000
Designated Number: 4

Full Card Jackpot

Jackpot: $1,000
Designated Number: 50

Fast-Trak Mini Games

1 Line or 4 Corners

Jackpot: $500
Designated Number: 8

Full Card Jackpot

Jackpot: $500
Designated Number: 56

In case there are any discrepancies between numbers and/or figures as posted on this site, all numbers and/or figures as displayed on our premises will be taken as correct.

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